Merrimack Counseling, Nashua, NH

Merrimack Valley Counseling Association

North Crest Executive Park 39 Simon Street, Unit #2A Nashua, NH 03060
Tel:(603) 888-4347   Fax: (603) 577-9157   Email:

Child and Adolescent Satellite Office 20 Merrit Parkway, Second Floor Nashua, NH 03062-3029
Tel: (603) 402-9365   Fax: (603) 402-9389   Email:

Serving Nashua and the surrounding communities for over 30 years.


North Crest Executive Park
39 Simon Street, Unit # 2A
Nashua, NH 03060
Tel: (603) 888-4347
Fax: (603) 577-9157

Child and Adolescent Satellite Office
20 Merrit Parkway, Second Floor
Nashua, NH 03062-3029
Tel: (603) 402-9365
Fax: (603) 402-9389

Merrimack Valley Counseling Association is a private, out-patient counseling facility offering a wide range of treatment services to adults, couples, children and families in the Nashua area. Our counseling philosophy is based on a deep concern for and sensitivity to the needs of our clients.

Accordingly, we provide comprehensive assessment of problems, immediate assistance in crisis situations, close monitoring of our clients' progress and commitment to help clients attain their therapeutic goals. We specialize in offering time effective brief treatment interventions for life adjustment issues, as well as outpatient services for serious disorders that might otherwise require expensive inpatient or partial hospitalization.